technopeak Signs AMC Contract With mSquared Shopping Centres

October 2015

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mSquared Shopping Centres, a leading UAE retail services provider, is committed to providing its customers with the highest quality of service. Such quality highly depends on the reliability and usability of the company’s IT systems. Working with private and corporate customers internationally, the retailer uses various remote communication channels, which must be perfectly maintained and supported. Recently, mSquared Shopping Centres has signed an AMC contract with technopeak to maintain its IT systems.

technopeak’s task was to analyze the retailer’s existing IT infrastructure and find ways to optimize its operation, security and operational consistency.

As the first step of its maintenance plan, technopeak rigorously audited the company’s IT systems for vulnerabilities and suboptimal use of existing hardware and software. The audit was primarily aimed at identifying critical aspects of business processes that can be refined through IT means.

Following the audit, technopeak experts provided a list of recommendations for improving and upgrading the IT environment. technopeak team also prepared a yearly IT improvement plant and is currently busy implementing it. The ultimate performance of mSquared Shopping Centres’ IT systems is expected to grow 40% compared to the initial configuration.

Besides upgrading the systems and overcoming the existing drawbacks, technopeak’s IT experts provide 24/7 technical support to the company’s offices, enabling comfortable and fault-tolerant operation of various software and hardware and training its employees to properly handle the improvements introduced. The services are provided both remotely and on-site.

As of now, the management of mSquared Shopping Centres is completely satisfied with the progress achieved by technopeak and has already acknowledged that the security, fault-tolerance and usability of their IT environment has significantly improved.

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