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December 2017


Did you know that according to Gartner, 25% of companies closes after a serious disaster caused by IT Issues? In a modern world, big data is the core of business, so a data loss qualifies as such a serious disaster.

Some more statistics: a minute of business downtown caused by problems in data processing systems costs a large company about 8,850 dollars.

It means that even not longstanding business downtime can cause serious financial losses, as well as spoiling the reputation and image of the company.

High-quality Annual IT Support Contract by technopeak helps to minimize business downtime caused by IT Issues. Our IT AMC service bases on developing a fundamental data security system, as well as on proactive online monitoring of all critical IT systems.

To provide client with a high quality IT services, we are constantly monitoring the best world IT practices and solutions. For example, this December we have enclosed a partnership agreement with the Acronis Company – the world leader in the data security inside hybrid cloud storages.

Solutions under the Acronis trademark provide reliable data protection for SML businesses in different industries.

We choose Acronis solutions for their advantages in data security:

  • Get back to business quickly with reliable recovery of all systems to any hardware or cloud storage;
  • Prevent ransomware attacks using Acronis Active Protection, which detects and defends your data from unauthorized encryption of files and backups;
  • Improve resilience with fast, disk-imaging backup and automated recovery of critical workloads regardless of location;
  • Protect your small business with reliable backup that manages via a unified, touch-friendly, web-based management console.

To match Acronis solution perfectly suited to your business, and to get expert audit of your IT infrastructure, please contact us.

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