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Dedicated IT engineers and IT outstaffing services Dubai

TechnoPeak offers outstaffing services to companies looking to cut the costs of IT infrastructure maintenance and increase the productivity and stability of IT systems.
Entrust your IT infrastructure support, administration, maintenance, and upgrading needs to our experts, fully or in part.

Along with the management of and supervision over IT staff, we will gladly take care of payroll, tax accounting, and HR documentation processing for them.

IT Outstaffing service options

Full Time
On-site OR Remote

IT professionals working full time on your premises or remotely

Most popular
Mixed Time
On-site AND Remote

IT professionals working part to full time (no less than 25% of FT schedule).
On-site and remote work can be combined to your preference


Delegate specific IT department functions or support for complex IT solutions (servers, PBX, corporate e-mail, terminal servers, business applications, database management systems, etc.) to TechnoPeak service technicians for a specified period of time

  • Not enough IT professionals on staff but hiring more is not feasible financially;
  • IT staff members must be replaced during their vacation or illness;
  • It is difficult to find IT employees with the right skills and/or within the specified salary margins
  • If your company needs help with designing, implementing and/or maintaining IT
  • If you need a long-term, strategic IT consultant

We provide comprehensive IT services for a modern business:

Computer and office equipment maintenance

Networking and telephony

Data storage, backup, and processing systems

Cloud services

IT security

Server and other equipment administration

Computer hardware and license purchasing

IT infrastructure setup and upgrading

TechnoPeak is your one-stop shop for all IT-related services

Benefits of IT outstaffing

By outsourcing our best IT specialists we provide our customers with the best value

Cutting Costs

No expenses related to vacation or sick leaves
No need to invest in recruiting and training non-core staff
Affordable IT outstaffing rates are much easier on the budget than the cost of maintaining the company's own IT department
Reduced operating and maintenance costs
Dozen of IT experts for a price of one

Matching Resources

Experts with the skills for both taking care of daily routine and solving unexpected issues
You get maximum staff management flexibility and the workforce exactly sized for the amount of work available
Dedicated support manager and a team of certified IT engineers
Careful selection of IT professionals with the skill set, knowledge, and experience combination precisely matching the client's needs and requirements

Quality Guarantees

Сonfidentiality and data protection
Comprehensive IT infrastructure support provided by a team of professionals
Warranty on performed work and responsibility to the customer for the quality of service
Services rendered based on a Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Our professionals

We will find you an IT professional with the necessary combination of knowledge, skills, and experience

IT System Engineer

Experience: 7.5 Years

Specialization: Windows Server infrastructure support

Certificates: CCNA; ITIL

Professional Experience: Windows Server setup and support; Network infrastructure design and maintenance; Help Desk Technical support.

IT Project Manager

Experience: 12 Years

Specialization: IT Project Manager

Certificates: Project Management; ITIL; BPMN

Professional Experience: IT Project Manager; IT Infrastructure design; Technical Team management.

You will be able to meet the candidate and hand over the task personally.
Based on the work performed, you decide whether to outsource a professional.

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IT outsourcing gives you the opportunity to focus on your company's core business without being distracted by IT-related
side issues while cutting the costs of IT services.

Experience the effectiveness of this approach and
order your outsourced IT services today!

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