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IT Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for Business in Dubai

Reliable IT Support services provided
18+ years of
IT Professionals
5 000 experts
Global company with
European roots
70 offices
5 countries
Whether you are looking to outsource all or just part of your IT Support, First BIT offers a “menu” of different options to meet your needs
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First BIT IT Support AMC Packages Comparison
Basic Remote Support
Standart Onsite Support
Enterprise Integrated IT Onsite Support
Enterprise Plus Fully Managed IT Support
Remote Support by Email & Telephone
Remote Support of Computers Up to 10 requests per month
Remote Support of Server infrastructure - Up to 1 server support
Remote Support of PBX, CCTV - -
Remote 24x7 - - Up to 2 requests (outside working hours) per month
Remote Consulting and Trainings - - -
Free On-site Engineer Visits
IT Emergency visit if issue can’t be fixed remotely -
Unlimited IT visits by client requests - 1 visit per month
Unlimited IT Consultant visits - - 1 visit per month
Regular Maintenance Visits to Check Health of PC, Servers & Network Infrastructure
Monthly -
Weekly - - -
Response time on clients request during working hours 30 min 30 min 30 min 15 min
Resolution time (to solve the issue or provide complete information about ticket stages) 4h 4h 3h 2h
On-site visit (if issue can’t be fixed remotely for Dubai and Sharjah) - 8h 6h 4h
Support time Sun-Thu
9am-6pm GST, excl. Public Holidays.
9am-6pm GST, excl. Public Holidays.
9am-6pm GST, excl. Public Holidays.
IT Systems Support
Desktops support (Windows/MAC)
Health mgmt (disk cleanup, systems defragmentation) -
Emails mgmt (create, manage and remove mailboxes)
Email Security & Archiving - -
Peripheral Devices support (printers, scanners, faxes, MFP and UPS) -
Servers & Network Attached Storage - Up to 1 server support Up to 3 server support
SAN Storage - - Up to 1 storage
Router & Switch mgmt
VPN & Firewall administration -
Wireless equipment. Wireless Network optimization for Enterprise plants only -
Mobile Devices mgmt - -
Cloud Solutions - only Office365 support & Exchange Online
Phone System (PBX) - -
CCTV & Biometric - - only CCTV support
Microsoft Exchange Server - - only user management and backup
Virtual Environment (support of VMWare & Hyper-V infrastructure) - - Up to 1 server
Server Backup System mgmt, incl. Tape Drive mgmt - - excl. Tape Drive support and backup verification
Server Backup & Restore - - -
Hosting services (Biz Application Hosting & Maintenance) - - -
Additional Services
Free Full Site IT Audit (regular IT audit with providing full report with update/upgrade recommendations) - - 1 visit per quarter 1 visit per month
24/7 Server and Network monitoring (capacity and performance) - - -
DR & Continuity planning - - -
IT Products Procurement and Supply
Dedicated On-site Engineer - -
Dedicated Account Manager
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IT Support - 24/7
Efficient Communication
First BIT offers a powerful set of services
that operates like an in-house IT
Department – with the same response
speed, accuracy and quality.

We use every modern communication tool.
When a problem arises, our engineers are
able to offer immediate assistance via
Remote Desktop Support.
First BIT Unlimited IT Support - 24/7
First BIT IT Support using
Technical support
Live chat
(online helpdesk)
Focus on Quality!
Our Quality Control System allows you to rate the quality of work of the IT specialist working under each of your tickets.
First BIT IT Support - Response and Resolution time
Response time 30 minutes
Resolution time 8 hours
First BIT Ticket Management
Your ticket will be assigned a unique id that you can use to track its progress
Our IT Support & Management Process
Our first visit
Detailed technology and business needs review
Internal audit of your IT-infrastructure

Businesses, financial institutions, government agencies, and NPOs opt for outsourced annual maintenance contracts to cut IT spending, and many IT firms offer an IT support AMC. Dubai is a highly contested market for outsourced AMC providers, and yet our existing clients are glad to choose First BIT AMC – IT support contract services. The annual IT maintenance contract offered by First BIT guarantees quick response times and is a great option for any organization looking for expert-level, affordable IT AMC services in Dubai. A good annual IT support contract that covers all client's requirements is crucial for effective business operation.

We know local specifics and offer just the kind of an annual maintenance contract Dubai businesses and organizations need - timely, reliable, efficient yet affordable technical it maintenance services to Dubai customers.

Contact us today to find out more or sign an IT maintenance contract with First BIT for a hassle-free experience!

Whatever your needs we can work with you to get the correct IT support model to suit your business
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