Dell 4GB Single Rank 370-ABEP

4GB (1x4G) 1600Mhz Single Ranked x4 Data Width UDIMM Low Volt
AED 490
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Product Information

Brand DELL
Memory Type Single Rank
Model number 370-ABEP


HP Designjet T9x0/Tx500 36-in Spindle

HP Designjet T9x0/Tx500 36-in Spindle

HP Designjet 36-inch Rollfeed Spindle

HP Designjet Spindle Accessories save you time mounting and unmounting rolls to a unique spindle. With the additional spindle, you have the next roll ready to load on your Printer.

AED 251



Featuring a dual-core processor with hardware encryption engine, DS416 delivers blazingly fast file transfer speeds even when handling encrypted data.
With Link Aggregation enabled, while encrypted file transfers remain quickly retrievable, with performance exceeding 146 MB/s reading and 65 MB/s writing, That means you can safeguard data without sacrificing performance.
DS416 optimizes your working experience by enabling faster and more efficient data transfers

AED 1 827

Lenovo System x3500 M5

Lenovo System x3500 M5

The new Lenovo® System x3500 M5 delivers big performance and storage flexibility in a small footprint.

AED 10 300

Dell 4GB Single Rank

4GB (1x4G) 1600Mhz Single Ranked x4 Data Width UDIMM Low Volt

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